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Our Careteam

Photo of Kim Kim

Managing Partner, Administrator

Kim previously owned a property management company before retiring in 2006. One day, her veterinarian and friend, Dr. April Linson, called her and said she had the opportunity to buy a practice. Kim jokingly asked her if she wanted a partner; without hesitation, Dr. Linson said yes! In January of 2007, Woodland Hills Pet Clinic opened their doors to the public.

Kim has always felt she has a knack for calming animals down, and firmly believes that animals should never be afraid to come to the vet’s office. It’s still one of the cornerstones of Kim and Dr. Linson’s practice beliefs, and they do everything they can to make animals and their owners as comfortable as possible in the clinic.

At home, Kim keeps several pets of her own. She has a Golden retriever, a ragdoll cat, a senior cat rescued from an alley, and two Tuxedo cats.

When she isn’t working or caring for her pets, Kim enjoys drawing, gardening, and building things. Kim actually designed and built the clinic’s reception desk!

Photo of Shy Shy


After working in the hotel industry for eight years, Shy started to feel rather disenchanted with her job. One day, she started looking through the wanted ads in the Sunday paper and saw an opening for a veterinary receptionist position. The thought of working with animals sounded like a welcome change from the challenges of hotel management!

Around the clinic, Shy wears many hats: she serves as a greeter, a pet handler, an educator, a bookkeeper, and even a lab assistant. She’s especially passionate about client education and loves to help a pet owner understand their companion’s needs.

Shy and her husband, Seth, have three comical terrier mixes: Xena, Ralphy, and Hercules. When she isn’t spending time with them, Shy enjoys photography and finds a true sense of comfort when holding a camera.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Zaneta is originally from the Czech Republic where she grew up on a ranch that had many farm animals. She learned to milk a cow when she was only five years old. She came to the United States as an exchange student in 2000.

She has been studying to be an RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) at Pierce College and has volunteered at Spunky’s Ranch and for the Hope Foundation, which cares for the pets of homeless people.

Zaneta is happily married with two children, ages twelve and four. She has a dog, two cats, a bearded dragon, and two lab rats that she adopted from school.

She enjoys cooking, baking, playing board games with my children, and reading the classics. She also likes to watch documentaries of any kind but, especially, ones on space, oceans, and the supernatural.


Veterinary Assistant

After 10 years of working in the food service industry, Stephanie decided to change careers and enter the world of animal care. Stephanie has always had a love and passion for animals, but after rescuing and caring for a wounded feral kitten, she decided this was something she could do for a living. In 2017, Stephanie went back to school to be a Veterinary Assistant and has been working at the WHPC since January of 2018.

Stephanie is happily married to her husband, Josh, and they have two cats named Melly and Casper and one German Shepherd/Husky mix named Excalibur.


Veterinary Assistant

Celeste is so excited to be a part of the Woodland Hills Pet Clinic family! She recently moved from Seattle to Los Angeles in August, and she is loving the sunshine.

Celeste has always loved animals and science,and after feeling stalled in a synthetic chemistry research path, she decided to give veterinary medicine a try. She has been working as a veterinary assistant for the past 2.5 years, and she plans to apply to veterinary school this year. She hopes to use all of the knowledge she gains from WHPC in her own practice as a veterinarian one day. Needless to say, this turned out to be the path she was always meant to take!

Celeste lives with her partner J and their two silly cats, Henrietta and Momo. In their spare time they like to travel, garden, hike, and play music. Celeste is a classically trained violinist and she also enjoys playing the guitar, bass guitar, accordion, and harmonica.

Amber Rogers

Veterinary Assistant

Amber was born and raised in central Ohio, where she studied biology for two years before transferring out west to finish her bachelors degree. During her last year of undergrad at UNLV, she worked at a local shelter. Amber has always loved animals, but didn’t discover her passion of working with animals until working at The Animal Foundation.

After graduation, Amber decided to move to California and pursue a career in animal welfare. That’s when Amber stumbled upon Woodland Hills Pet Clinic.

When not at work, Amber enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Austin, and playing with her rescue pup, Daisy. She also enjoys relaxing on the beach, exploring the outdoors and reading mystery novels.


Veterinary Assistant

Carlos knew he was going to work with animals since he was a kid. Growing up in Orlando, Florida sparked his curiosity with wildlife, exotic birds and reptiles. At 11 years old, he moved back to California with his family, where they were originally from.

After graduating high school something else sparked in Carlos and he made the decision to join the United States Marine Corps. He served in the infantry and was deployed twice to Afghanistan. Once he felt his duty to our country was complete, he was honorably discharged and he enrolled at Moorpark College immediately with the intentions of enrolling in the Exotic Animals Training and Management program to beginning his original plan of working with animals.

During his studies he decided that rather than just training animals he would like to help them medically and enrolled at Pierce College. While at Pierce College he has been taking classes in both the Pre-Vet program and in the RVT program. Carlos has also had the opportunity to work at an exotic animal hospital to build his knowledge and passion.

On his free time he enjoys snowboarding, cooking, playing pool, bowling, watching movies, and riding motorcycles. But most of all he enjoys lounging around the house with his 2 year old cat, Sushi!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "They were wonderful. My sweet boy was terrified and they were so good with him! I highly recommend"
    Tracy W.
  • "Great clinic. The staff is compassionate and caring. We had to put a beloved cat down, which they handled nicely. Now they care for our kittens. They are transparent with treatment and cost. You won't regret bringing your pets here."
    Lindsay H.
  • "I've really never had such a great experience with a vet and clinic before. The professionalism, caring, and accessibility - even on a week-end--- has given me such a feeling of security as i raise these three pups... Thank-you!!!"
    Lori L.