Diagnostics at Woodland Hills Pet Clinic

Has your pet been feeling a bit under the weather lately?

When people are sick or become injured, they simply visit their doctor, explain the problem and receive the appropriate care. Managing the health care of our animal friends isn’t always this straightforward. In fact, because our pets cannot speak to tell us what’s bothering them, recognizing and addressing the signs of illness or injury can be like solving a complex puzzle. In these instances we turn to veterinary diagnostics to help us get the answers we need. Woodland Hills Pet Clinic offers a full array of routine and advanced diagnostic services.

Our diagnostic tools help us to learn exactly what’s happening inside your pet’s body. This allows us to diagnose and treat the problem in the most timely and effective manner. Our hospital is outfitted with modern equipment, including an in-house laboratory. We also offer other advanced technologies such as digital x-ray, ultrasound imaging, cardiology and more. We will work hard to get to the bottom of whatever may be ailing your animal companion, quickly and accurately.

Being able to test your pet for any illness or injury is important – especially for those conditions that require prompt treatment. The sooner we are able to diagnose the problem at hand, the sooner we can develop and implement an effective treatment plan. Our in-house diagnostic services allow us to manage your pet’s health in a timely manner, which can vastly improve the chances of a positive prognosis and speedy recovery.

When your loved one isn’t feeling well, you want answers and you want them fast. You can rely on the comprehensive diagnostic services at Woodland Hills Pet Clinic. We’ll provide the results you need, when you need them so you can focus on getting your companion back on the path to good health once again.

If your companion hasn’t been acting quite as chipper as usual lately, give us a call at 818-222-7387. Our professional diagnostic services can help!