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Nutrition Weight Management

Nutrition & Weight Management in Woodland Hills

Could your animal companion’s diet and exercise plan use a makeover?

The nutritional needs of our pets are much different from ours. The right diet and an active lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight are essential in your companion’s overall wellbeing. Yet figuring out whether your pet’s food is truly meeting his or her unique needs can be challenging, even for the most seasoned pet parent. Our team is experienced in all aspects of companion animal nutrition and can help get your loved one on the right path to optimum wellness.

Developing the Right Diet

Just as each pet is unique, not all pet foods are created equal. The goal is to determine precisely what your companion’s nutritional needs are and then customize a food plan that will most effectively meet those needs. This starts with a thorough physical exam and also includes a detailed analysis of your pet’s lifestyle and current health status. We will take into consideration how old your pet is, what he or she weighs and whether or not there are any existing medical problems that will require special support.

Our comprehensive nutritional evaluation will help us to develop a diet that is directly aligned with your pet’s needs. This may involve a recommendation of prescription food products, which typically contain better ingredients for a more balanced diet. These special foods are also an excellent tool for managing certain chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis. When we can work toward making your pet healthier on the inside, the rest will fall into place.

A Healthier Weight

There may be nothing more adorable than a chubby pet, but those extra pounds can actually spell disaster for a companion animal. Pets who are even just a few pounds too heavy can be at a much greater risk of developing a number of serious health problems. Conversely, underweight animals tend to be more prone to illness or injury. We want to protect your loved one against these dangers by helping them maintain a healthier weight over time.

The information we gathered during our nutritional analysis will also help us determine what weight range would be ideal for your particular pet. Once we’ve got a target number in mind, we will work with you to come up with a strategy for achieving that goal. This may include calorie control, exercise, changes in food or lifestyle, or some combination of these. If your pet is a senior, or has a medical condition, we can come up with a plan that will be perfect for their unique needs.

Ongoing Maintenance

As your pet navigates through the various stages of life, it’s important that his or her diet and exercise plan also change accordingly. At certain intervals during your pet’s life, we will reexamine our approach and make any necessary adjustments so that we can continue to achieve optimum results.

You want your pet to enjoy many happy, healthy years by your side. It starts with a foundation of good nutrition and a healthy weight. Give us a call today and let us develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will bring out the very best in your animal friend! Call us today at 818-222-7387.


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