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Surgery at Woodland Hills Pet Clinic

Does your pet need surgery?

At Woodland Hills Pet Clinic, we believe our surgical care is second to none…from our clean, modern surgical suite to the wide array of surgical procedures we offer to the extra care and attention given to patient comfort and safety. We understand that surgery on a family member is never an easy time, and the process can be a source of stress and anxiety for you both. Our team is prepared to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and set your mind at ease, once and for all. Whether it’s a routine spay or neuter, or something more complex, you can rest assured that your loved one will be in excellent hands with our dedicated surgical team!

Our dedicated team takes every precaution to ensure that your pet receives the highest-quality care. This includes a comprehensive physical exam and thorough preanesthetic testing before surgery and monitoring your pet during the procedure. It also involves providing appropriate pain medication to keep your pet comfortable throughout the entire process. We even tailor our pain management approach to meet your pet’s unique needs and risk factors, improving the chances of a safe and pain-free experience.

Because we want to ensure that your pet always receives the best possible outcome, we may refer you to specialists (board-certified veterinary surgeons) if necessary. These experts are available to perform certain complex operations utilizing their special training and advanced equipment.

Your Pet’s Surgery

The morning of your pet’s surgery, we will be waiting to welcome you both and check your companion in for his or her procedure. We take extra measures to ensure that our surgical patients feel comfortable and relaxed, because we believe that this creates an optimum environment for surgery. Our dedicated team will spend as much time as necessary speaking to your pet, offering cuddles and reassuring rub downs – whatever it takes to set them at ease.

Shortly before surgery, your pet will be gently prepped and carefully sedated. The doctor will get to work performing the scheduled procedure, along with the assistance of our experienced veterinary nursing staff. Support staff will also remain on hand at all times to monitor your pet’s wellbeing throughout the surgery. We will keep a close eye on vital signs and ensure that the proper amount of pain control is being administered throughout the procedure.

It’s important to note that anesthesia and patient monitoring vary greatly from clinic to clinic. You can be confident that at Woodland Hills Pet Clinic, we use the most effective and up-to-date protocols. The type of anesthesia we use depends on the procedure being performed. Some require general anesthesia, while others may only call for local anesthesia or light sedation. We treat every surgery with the utmost care and concern, regardless of whether it’s routine or more advanced.


When surgery is finished, we will transfer your loved one to our quiet recovery area. There, our monitoring will continue as the anesthesia begins to wear off. It’s important to us that when your pet wakes up, someone is there to make the experience peaceful and calm. Rest assured that your companion will awaken to the familiar faces and soothing voices of our compassionate care team.

Someone will contact you to go over the results of surgery and to arrange for you to come retrieve your companion. At that point, we will also provide our after-care instructions, which may include an appropriate plan to manage your pet’s pain during the recovery process. Laser therapy is available as an additional service to help your pet enjoy a faster and more comfortable post-surgical experience.

Bringing your pet in for surgery doesn’t have to be a frightening time when you have the right team in your corner. Let the experienced, compassionate staff at Woodland Hills Pet Clinic handle all of your pet’s surgical care needs. Call us today at 818-222-7387 to learn more!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "They were wonderful. My sweet boy was terrified and they were so good with him! I highly recommend"
    Tracy W.
  • "Great clinic. The staff is compassionate and caring. We had to put a beloved cat down, which they handled nicely. Now they care for our kittens. They are transparent with treatment and cost. You won't regret bringing your pets here."
    Lindsay H.
  • "I've really never had such a great experience with a vet and clinic before. The professionalism, caring, and accessibility - even on a week-end--- has given me such a feeling of security as i raise these three pups... Thank-you!!!"
    Lori L.